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Bringing Hope to Egypt and to it's children

As the orange sun rises over Egypt, bringing hope for a new day,so does the hope for our children.

Children are our future

Help our children, educate, support emotionally, financially. Give them the facilities they need to grow and develop a finer spirit of hope and achievement.

Hope in Action

  • Humanitarian needs in Egypt
  • Feeding children
  • Literacy training
  • Education standard for each child

Urgent Projects

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savethe earth

helpthose in need


for peace

Andrea Faustini sings Michael Jackson's earth song

The voice that echoes what our mission is all about, reminding us of what the world lacks and what is still to be gained.

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Work with us to make a better world for tomorrow's leaders and help brighten their futures

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Locally, nationally and internationally, Smart City is changing and will be changing the lives of the innocent people to give them the care and support they need to live a better life.

We build these cities so the people we are helping can build our world to be a stronger, smarter and happier place to live.

Our immediate project is Egypt, turning the empty FIFA world cup and Olympic venues in to vibrant communities of flourishing children.  Buildings that have lain empty for years will now have life and be home to the children who had no hope and no future in the streets of Egypt.  We begin in Cairo, then Alexandria then the next country, till we reach the world. 

Our Mission

Experience a day in the life of an Egyptian who is making the best of his situation, holding on to hope.

Poverty unimaginable, view this video giving an example of a day ion the life of a person in the slums. Their only hope is in a new president who will help them find a solution. 

Stadiums and cities are built every 4 years to house Olympic athletes, what happens to those mini - cities once the games are over?  Did you know they are left empty and unused?

Did you know there are millions of children across the globe without a home, without an education, without the support and inspiration they need to become the leaders of tomorrow.

We are here to provide a better life for those who can't look after themselves.  What are you willing to do to help the children who can not provide for themselves?

Have a look at what we are doing and join us to make this world a better place.

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For too long our children have been deprived of a good education, a home in which to live, clothes to wear and support to be the best they can be.  We all deserve the chance to live out our best lives.  Join us and give a little today to support our hands-on approach in supporting children across the globe to realize their God given potential.

A closer look at serving the children of Egypt

Foundation ( my daughters - the children of tomorrow ) work began in 2009 under the umbrella of the Foundation , "I am Egyptian " until they were officially separated in July 2010. It aims to provide an integrated system to serve homeless children and vulnerable , especially girls who are between the ages of ( year - 15 years) and their children , " the second generation of street children ."
Street children in Tahrir Square, another face of death

Have a closer look at what the children are going through in Cairo. Get a close-up understanding of the living conditions the children of Egypt bare.

Brief summary

Lack of services within the slums of Egypt

Slums in Egypt 's population suffer from marginalization and lack of services . But that does not there is a lack of innovative solutions in their daily lives which give them a touch of happiness. 

Join us in song, let our voices be heard and let them hear us across the world, we have power in numbers. The more that stand together, the louder our voice will be.

خلى الشباب صاحى
شبابى ياسلاحى
اناديكو فى الشدة
تطيبو جراحى
مين اللى قال ان مصر هتنتهى
أو حتى تركع
مين اللى قال شمسها  مش يوم هتطلع
دى مصر اللى اسمها بولادها عالى
مصر لو عدى الزمن تناديله يرجع
شمر دراعك ياللى صاحبك مات شهيد
ضحى عشانك تبنى ارضك من جديد
خضّر رمالها وازرع الصحرا جناين
غنى على لحن المكن وابنى
ومن جبينك يطلع الفجر الوليد

 خلى الشباب صاحى
شبابى ياسلاحى
اناديكو فى الشدة
تطيبو جراحى
ابدر امل تحصد وطن تحصد كرامه
دوس على الفتن واحمى الوطن تلقى السلامة
من كل مصنع شمس طالعة لخير بلادى
من كل قلب بيتولد ينبض شهامة

انهاردة بلاش نقول كنا وكان
من انهاردة العمل هو الامان
شد حيلك واضرب الفاس فى الشراقى
تطرح الدنيا زمان غير الزمان
خلى الشباب صاحى
شبابى ياسلاحى
اناديكو فى الشدة  
تطيبوا جراحى

Projects in Europe that are helping the rural areas gain education, provide accommodation, cultivating the land and bringing hope to the people.

Proof that a community that is given an opportunity to help themselves, to set goals and to build a better world for themselves and those to come is possible. 

Malala Yousafzai, Youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner

We honor Malala for the good work she is doing to help educate the children of our world. Stand with her and with us to give hope to those who are unable to help themselves.


We are happy to introduce a project for the children of the world. To take care of them and remove them from the streets, to educate and give them a good and better life.

There are more than 5,000,000 to 6,000,000 homeless children in Greater Cairo and Alexandria alone, help us help them.

Together we will work with FIFA starting in Egypt then to the rest of the world.

Another look into the lives of the people in Egypt and how they live on the streets

Elly shows himself in the video, on days past and how some of Egypt's people are surviving.