We want to build a better world for our children across the world.  With the experience gained in the energy, finance, industrial, transport and security industries we believe we are able to achieve building a city that will help assist those who most need it - the children of this generation, our future leaders.   With Smart Haven City we aim to take control of existing derelict neglected stadiums and buildings from major world events such as FIFA world cups and the Olympics.  We want to breathe life into what was the stage for the world's top performers, that now stand empty and un-kept.

Our vision is to create a city to house the billions of children and homeless who are currently on the streets. We want to give the children a greater vision, education and a sense of achievement.  This city will have zero pollution, implementing state-of-the-art self-sustaining energy producing systems with zero emissions to support the city and the surrounding areas.  We will educate each individual in his/her preferred skill including art, music, engineering, medicine, business, agriculture, accounting, marketing, etc.  Each city will be self-sustaining with schools, farms, factories, hospitals and all other amenities.  Children will have the opportunity to do the sport of their choice and will be given the tools to attain their best potential from access to internet for research, equipment, video, tv, clothing and all other required necessities to grow in the sport of their choosing.

We understand that children who have been living on the streets and have had to fend for themselves will require more than just financial and physical support and we intend to nurture their spirits and help them heal with private and discreet therapy, showing we care and we want them to become all that they were meant to be. The transition will be dealt with very delicately giving each child the love and care they need to learn the right way to behave and live. We hope to build each city on the foundation of caring, kindness and diligence.  We want to raise their heads and give them a desire to have a purpose and build themselves and their world so that it too can support and sustain others.

We hope you will join us in this great venture we are on and help us make a difference that will transcend all our lives and continue to help those who need it for generations to come.

May Allah bless you and all your family.

Chairman's message

Sir Mohammed Hawas

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